AAWC Fellow Designation

The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) is proud to offer the Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (FAAWC) designation to recognize exemplary members, recognizing those who have made significant and sustained contributions to advance the care of patients with a wound. The AAWC Fellow Designation, in support of the mission and vision of the AAWC, seeks to impact national and global health by engaging recognized wound care clinicians who have demonstrated a commitment to positively influence local, national, and global health through their outstanding ​contributions to clinical practice, education, public policy, and research.​


Meet our inaugural class! Watch the video below.

Read the AAWC press release on the new AAWC Fellow Designation.


Learn more about the AAWC Fellow Designation including the qualifications, application process, and inauguration schedule:  

The Value of AAWC Fellowship

  • Be recognized by peers as a high-caliber national expert
  • Create and contribute to a collaborative community of wound care clinicians
  • Gain a competitive edge within your practice and the wound care profession
  • Support the AAWC strategic pillars of Research, Public Policy, and Education through leadership and mentorship

The FAAWC Designation

  • FAAWC is a designation that may be used by an AAWC Fellow who is an AAWC member in good standing to represent their status as a Fellow of the AAWC
  • The letters FAAWC are a simple, easily recognizable way to reinforce Fellow status on nametags, committee rosters, and conference programs and in speaker introductions
  • Such increased visibility may serve to inspire more individuals to pursue Fellow status, contributing to a culture of engagement and leadership throughout the AAWC community
  • The FAAWC designation also reinforces to current a Fellow the call to service they accept
  • If a Fellow’s membership status transitions to Retired Member of AAWC, he or she also transitions to the title of Fellow Emeritus and is not eligible to use the FAAWC post-nominal

Applicant Qualifications
To qualify for the FAWWC designation, a potential Fellow must:

  • Have at least two (2) years of continuous membership in AAWC​
  • Receive an invitation to apply from a sponsor​
  • Demonstrate exceptional contributions to two of the following areas:*​​

 *It is the responsibility of the applicant to present evidence of excellence in two of the areas selected. The evidence must ​clearly identify achievements throughout their career that exceed the expectations of their positions and job descriptions. ​

FAAWC Process

Step 1). Secure an Invitation
The potential fellow must secure support from an active AAWC ​member, who will serve as their Fellow application sponsor. ​A list of current sponsors is available on the AAWC website. ​


  • Sponsors are critical— they mentor and guide fellows through the application process
  • A fellow should know their sponsor and make sure their sponsor knows them well enough to write a competitive support letter
  • Correlate evidence and submission with the selected sponsor ​
  • Make sure that the potential fellow's chosen areas of evidence are included in their sponsor’s narrative ​
  • Each sponsor must be an active Fellow. ​Each Fellow may be the primary sponsor for up to three (3) candidates

Sponsors​ Qualifications & Expectations

  • AAWC Member for at least 5 years​
  • Was or is currently active in the organization e.g., chairs or has been a committee chair previously​, oversees/leads a board-approved project​
  • Presents regularly for the AAWC​
  • Demonstrated excellence in the wound care field through education, public policy, or research​
  • Unequivocally supports the Mission of the AAWC ​
  • Ideally will seek AAWC Fellow status

Step 2). Prepare to Apply

Before Applying Candidates Should:

  • Perform an extensive self‐assessment ​
  • Review biographies of Fellows printed in journals and websites ​
  • Look at your portfolio: ​What is missing? ​What do you need to accomplish to be ready with materials which will guarantee your acceptance?​
  • Discuss your portfolio with potential sponsors​ and listen to their advice about your readiness to apply​
  • Review “what” should be there, and what should be submitted

Be Prepared to Demonstrate:

  • Outstanding contributions and leadership in two focus areas​
  • Significance and scope of influence of one’s efforts in the two focus areas
  • Sustained commitment and leadership in the two focus areas ​
  • Potential for contributing to the mission of the AAWC and to ​Fellow initiatives

Focus Areas and Examples Include:

Supporting Documentation:
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Evidence of your contributions to any two of the six required areas of achievement (Clinical Practice, Education, Publication, Public Policy, Research, or Innovative Wound Care Management)

Application Tips:

  • Appearance is Important! ​
  • Be organized. Use a consistent format.​
  • Check grammar and spelling. ​
  • Credentials are clear and accurate​
  • CV lists degrees, type of license, type of practice, location of the institution, and date of initial wound care certification (if applicable). ​
  • Did your sponsor review the application to make sure each section is “building your case” as a prospective Fellow?


  • Self‐assessment and reflection are important preparation for pursuing AAWC Fellowship status​
  • Begin discussions with potential sponsors early and become familiar with the application process ​
  • Organize and discuss your documents and evidence now with potential sponsors ​
  • Develop a plan to improve/build on areas as needed

Step 3). Submit an Application 

Applications for Fellow designation will open annually. Check back soon for 2021 application dates. 

Annually, the AAWC will convene twice to review applications. New FAAWC recipients will be announced at the Annual Fall AAWC meeting.

Email [email protected] with additional questions.

Step 4). Interview

Upon successful review, the applicant will be invited for an interview.​ Interviews will be conducted regionally, at an AAWC meeting or summit, or by telephone​.

Applicants will be notified after committee decisions are finalized.

Step 5). Upon Application Approval, Receive FAAWC Designation

Successful applicants will be announced in AAWC publications, presented on the ​website, and formally inducted at an officially scheduled AAWC event.

Approved Fellow Requirements:

  •  Attend their induction ceremony to be held at an official AAWC membership meeting
  •  Attend at least one annual meeting thereafter
  •  Maintain their AAWC membership annually. FAAWC status will be forfeited if membership dues are not current

Goals of Fellows:

  • Represent a diverse community of thought leaders who contribute knowledge and insight into the strategic issues of the profession and industry
  • Serve through their active leadership and support of AAWC and Fellow activities and programs.
  • Identify and develop future association leaders, including mentoring students and wound care professionals, and identifying and recommending members and prospective members for volunteer leadership roles in the association

Thank You to the AAWC Fellowship Task Force

  • Greg Bohn, MD, UHM/ABPM, MAPWCA, FACHM, Chair​
  • Karen Bauer, NP-C, CWS​
  • Cathy Milne, APRN, MSN, BC-ANP/CS, CWOCN​
  • Marta Ostler, PT, CWS, CLT