The AAWC has numerous volunteer opportunities available. Dive into your interests, while putting your skills and expertise to great use on an AAWC committee. Our committees are a great place to connect with your fellow members, exercise your voice in the association, and tap into your talents while making effective change in the association. Read more about our committees, how you can get involved, and submit an application for consideration. Committee assignments are 2-year commitments. 

AAWC Volunteer Committees Include:

  • Communications Committee 
  • Education Steering Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nominating and Board Development Committee  
  • Sponsorship & Development Committee


Communications Committee collaborates with staff in the  creation, review, and deployment of communications and to elevate the quality of content across all marketing platforms. The committee will help engage AAWC members and partners through thoughtful and well executed messaging using the newsletter, social media, and other vehicles.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the overall content alignment and messaging strategy for the AAWC
  • Social media engagement and promotion of content
  • Review and select content for AAWC bi-weekly newsletter
  • Maintenance of the AAWC brand both internally and externally
  • Periodic review of AAWC website to confirm working navigation and up-to-date content

Time Commitment: Monthly 1-hour conference call and time as necessary in between to complete the work of the committee. Much of the content review is handled through an online project management tool.

Maria Goddard, MD, CWS, FAPWCA
Rose Hamm, DPT
Cordelia Lucas-Sherrod, MSN, RN, CWON 
Saralyn McDade, RN, CWCN, CSWS, WCC
Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM, DipABLM, CWSP, DABMSP, FACCWS
Teresa Ustanik, MBA, CHW 

Education Steering Committee supports AAWC's core strategic pillar to provide educational opportunities for practitioners of wound care at every level. This includes the development of AAWC-branded educational material as well as providing a faculty and curriculum for wound care education at events. The Annual Conference Planning Committee is a sub-committee of the Education Steering Committee.   

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Make recommendations to the Board for new educational programs.
  • Develop faculty and curriculum for AAWC Summits and wound care tracks at other national meetings
  • Populate our Wednesday educational events (Journal Club, Wine & Wounds) with engaging content and speakers
  • Forge partnerships with industry sponsors and other organizations to provide additional education to wound care practitioners 

Time Commitment: Periodic 1-hour committee calls and time as necessary in between to complete the work of the committee. Much of the committee work is handled through an online project management tool between calls.

Karen Bauer, NP-C, CWS, FAAWC
Amanda Blackmon, PT, DPT, CWS, CSWS
Linda Cowan, PhD, ARNP, FNP-BC, CWS
Maria Goddard, MD, CWS, FAPWCA, PCWC
Alisa Oropallo, MD
Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM, DipABLM, CWSP, DABMSP, FACCWS, PCWC
Laura Swoboda, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, CWOCN-AP

Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board for spending based on a monthly review of financial reports and the Association’s programming priorities for the fiscal year.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Confidential review of monthly financial data and audit reports
  • Make recommendations for both conservation and disbursement of funds based on thoughtful review of expense associated with various AAWC initiatives

Time Commitment: Monthly one hour calls and time necessary to review provided documents between.

Barbara Bates-Jensen, PhD, RN, FAAWC 
Ruth Bryant, PhD, MS, RN, CWOCN, FAAWC 
Naz Wahab, MD

Membership Committee members are considered ambassadors of the AAWC and are responsible for the review and creation of initiatives to retain and grow membership in the Association.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Outreach to lapsed members
  • Develop of new membership initiatives and benefits
  • Periodic review and update of existing Membership benefits
  • Occasionally represent the AAWC at events
  • Brainstorm and plan virtual and live member events 
  • Development of leads for membership campaigns

Time commitment: Periodic 1-hour conference calls; 10-15 hours throughout the year making calls to or emailing lapsed members; and occasionally being asked to represent the AAWC when onsite at events. Travel is not required and the AAWC does not reimburse volunteers to attend the event.

Lynnette Gunn, APRN, GCNS-BC, CWCN, CFCN
Lauri Rappl, PT, DPT, CWS, FAAWC

Syeda Roshan, DPM, FACPM, CWSP, FAPWCA, FAPWH                         

Nominating and Board Development Committee (includes Awards & Scholarship) is responsible for identifying leadership candidates from the Membership and spear-heading the selection of candidates for AAWC Board Elections.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Identify and invite AAWC members to pursue leadership roles in the AAWC
  • Review submitted materials supporting candidacies
  • Confidentially interview and vet candidates for office
  • Monitor for compliance with AAWC Bylaws
  • Review and approve the infrastructure, communications, and processes to ensure a fair and secure election
  • Recommend the slate of candidates to the Board for approval

Time Commitment: Frequent conference calls to identify potential directors, review submitted materials, and interview candidates for a period of 1-2 months annually.

Matthew Davis, RN, CWON, CFCN
Rose Hamm, DPT
Maria Goddard, MD, CWS, FAPWCA
Marc Jones, DPM, FACFAOM
Victoria Nalls, CWS
Marta Ostler, PT, CWS, CLT, FAAWC
Cordelia Lucas-Sherrod, MSN, RN, CWON



The Annual Conference Planning Committee is a sub-committee of the Education Steering Committee.