The AAWC Summits and Featured Tracks
Join us in 2021...

The AAWC Summits present an in-depth bedside-to-bench approach focusing on the scientific evidence that determines the best practices in wound care. Each topic is analyzed from a multidisciplinary perspective with discussion designed to challenge the status quo and champion better outcomes for the patient.

AAWC Tracks Featured at National Meetings

The AAWC is the strongest advocate for the multidisciplinary approach to wound care. Each track will expound on the merits of this perspective while delivering best in class thought-provoking education that is based in science, fosters collaboration and challenges us to find new and better ways to approach wound care.

COVID-19 has impacted conference planning all over the world. AAWC is looking forward to joining rescheduled in-person meetings in 2021, and participating virtually in Superbones Superwounds West and Dessert Foot this fall. Watch this space.