What makes the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care Membership so attractive and valuable? The answers that our Members give us are as unique as they are. Discover why the AAWC is the premier voice of wound care.

Watch and read testimonials from our members below.

Saralyn Fonville McDade, BSN, RN, WOCN, CWCN, CSWS
"I joined the AAWC due to its interdisciplinary mindset promoted among the membership." 

Maria Goddard, MD, CWS, FAPWCA
"The AAWC is on the cutting edge of research, and members are able to meet collaboratively. They provide a monthly Journal Club which is very beneficial to stay up to date on the most recent research."

Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM, ACFAS, CWSP, DABMSP, FACCWS
"I love the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care's online Journal Club. There are a few reasons why I find it incredibly valuable for me and my practice."

Amanda Blackmon, PT, DPT, CWS, CSWS, CMTPT
"The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care has provided me with ways to become immersed in the world of wound care and get to know other providers."


David Keast, MSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Membership in the AAWC has extended my community of practice beyond the borders of Canada. Networking with my colleagues in the United States through the AAWC has brought insight into different approaches to practice and enhanced my ability to deliver quality wound care to my patients. Membership the AAWC Board as the International Representative for four years provided opportunities for synergy between the AAWC and the Canadian Association of Wound Care which has been mutually beneficial.

Rita Wergowske, RNC, CWS, CWCN, CCCN 
One very valuable benefit of Membership in AAWC is the AAWC Scholarship Program. The AAWC Scholarship Program gave me the opportunity to travel to a leading research clinic in Europe. The end result was enrollment in a Post Graduate/Masters program in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair at the University of Wales College of Medicine. This course is not offered in the US, and I might not have learned about it without the AAWC Travel Scholarship. I am very grateful to the AAWC for helping me with this opportunity.

I joined the AAWC when one of my mentors, Dr. Diane Krasner encouraged me to do so. I now encourage others to join the AAWC, since it has allowed me to get more involved in the career that I love, wound management. I began writing the “Nursing Challenges” column for the newsletter, and then I got drawn into various AAWC committees. The next thing I knew, I was running for the Board and am now a nurse board member. Don’t wait, become a member. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Joe McCulloch, Ph.D., PT, CWS, FAPTA, FCCWS 
As a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care, I am pleased to continue to be a part of the premier wound care membership organization in the US. The AAWC was conceived with the idea of developing a mechanism for health professionals, from a variety of backgrounds, to come together as a single voice for the patients we serve. The Association continues to foster this goal today.

Nick Przystawski, DPM, FACFAS 
I joined the AAWC for the camaraderie of fellow wound care providers who really care to help those in our country with chronic wounds. These are the “thought leaders” in the wound care industry, and I learn something every time I’m around them.

Peggy P. Riedesel, PT, CWS 
I joined and stay a member of AAWC for the advancement of the knowledge and practice of wound care. AAWC not only plays a major role in advancing my personal level of care I provide to my patients, but also AAWC is working to raise the level of awareness of the need for quality wound management in all of our communities. It is enriching to be a part of the netting and broad base of knowledge and experience that members of this organization have to offer.

Laurie M. Rappl, PT, CWST-12 
As a chronic wound patient, I have found a voice through the AAWC, a voice that can influence so many more people than I ever could alone. AAWC highly values the patient perspective and demonstrates a commitment to patient involvement with a special membership section and a dedicated seat on the Board of Directors. In AAWC, the patient has a voice equal to the most highly accomplished and recognized professionals. Your voice is needed, valued, and requested. Many voices and many hands, working together, can accomplish what we all desire – better care for the patient suffering from wounds.

Chris Eremento, LPN, CWS, MD
I have been a member of AAWC since its conception. I joined AAWC, because I am an LPN and have been in nursing, focusing on wound care, for over 20 years. I wanted to join an association where I could continue to learn, get support from my peers and interact with the wound care industry. Eleven years ago, an association that included LPNs didn’t exist! The founding principles of the organization and the mission and the goal of AAWC to include everyone that had an interest were the answers that I had been looking to find. Being made to feel that my contributions would make a difference and being included in this mission have made joining AAWC one of the highest rewards in my professional life. 

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  • AAWC brought me access to individuals that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to learn from. I discovered that I as a physical therapist from Bellevue, Washington- could make a difference. I encourage communication with other AAWC members as there ia a wealth of experience available that we can tap into, and unlimited opportunity to be an ambassador for wound care.

    Tim Paine, PT, FCCWSBellevue, WA