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 Subject : COVID Procedures at the office.. 04/01/2020 02:15:53 PM 
Sara Wilkinson
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I thought I'd share how COVID-19 has affected your AAWC office. In VA, schools closed on March 16, and our office moved to entirely work from home by the 20th. We are all continuing to answer calls and emails from out home offices, and there is a designated staffer at the building to check mail once a week. Things are continuing to click along, with the usual work from home caveats (noisy neighbors on calls, occasional tech issues.) Virginia offices of our nature have been asked to Stay at Home through June 10th.

How are you handling it with your office staffs? Obviously it's a completely different category of work and one where you have to see people! I'd love to know where you are and how it's playing out for you.

Sara Wilkinson
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