Medical Stewardshp in the Wound Care World

The principle of stewardship centers on an individual’s responsibility to use resources in a responsible manner. In medicine the emergence of resistant organisms has given rise to the concept of antibiotic stewardship.

Initial efforts, focused primarily on inpatient antibiotic use, led to the development of hospital stewardship committees monitoring patterns of resistance and antibiotic utilization.  But what about outpatient wound care centers? Antibiotic and antiseptic use follows no prescribed guidelines and varies drastically between centers.

Recent evidence suggests patients on antibiotics heal faster. However, in the absence of reliable diagnostic tools and the inaccuracy of clinical examination in making the diagnosis of infection in chronic wounds, clinicians prescribe antiseptics and antibiotics in a random fashion.

The AAWC Wound Infection Summit will face head on antibiotic stewardship in the wound center, presenting evidence and suggesting practical approaches. Join us in Atlanta April 26th and 27th to become a better steward. Click here to learn more or to register for the Wound Infection Summit – Atlanta.

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