If you have an interest in any of these public policy activities, this is the right volunteer opportunity for you. The AAWC is seeking volunteers who want to make a difference in the public policy arena.

  1. Write a letter to your local legislator seeking support of or a specific response to a policy or regulatory matter, or thanking them for their support on an issue.
  2. Visit your Congressional Representative in his / her District Office to introduce you, your practice interests and willingness to serve as a resource on wound healthcare related matters.
  3. Invite your Congressional Representative to visit your wound care center /practice to help them understand your role and the impact or importance of particular CMS rules, policy or regulations on you and your patients.
  4. Write a Letter to the editor of local newspaper acknowledging / thanking a legislator’s stance on matter important to the AAAWC.
  5. Attend local political fundraiser
  6. Activate members and other interested parties in response to specific directives in support of our policies e.g., formulating or providing input to a Bill or CMS rule, coordinating a visit or letter writing campaign to a key legislator, etc.
  7. Assist in review and formulation of AAWC response to CMS Proposed Rules
  8. Participate in an AAWC scheduled “Fly-In” to meet and speak with legislators in their Washington D.C. offices
  • Time commitment: Orientation and training will be provided as needed through use of experienced Health and Public Policy Committee Volunteers and expert public policy advisors. Actual volunteer time will depend on the scope of the particular activity.
  • Eligibility requirements: A willingness to establish relationships with key lawmakers or leverage existing relationships for the benefit of AAWC’s public policy agenda are highly desirable.